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Automated soldering machine purchase frequently asked questions

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Automated soldering machine purchase frequently asked questions

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We believe that we have some understanding of automatic soldering machines. Automated soldering machines are used for active welding of pins, iron shells, connectors and other products, which can be spot welded and towed. Let's answer some of the common problems in buying automated soldering machines.

First. Which products can an automatic soldering machine be soldered?

Weld various electronic components on the PCB, such as capacitors, resistors, pins, cables, shields, etc.; and various types of electronic connectors, LED lamp posts and strips, video audio plugs, headphone cords, Computer data lines, small circuit boards and soldering of small electronic components. Products that are basically better positioned are capable of being soldered.

Second, how to determine the price of automatic soldering machine?

According to the customer's product evaluation, the demand can be detailed and quotation. Each product will be tailored according to the process problem. The price will not be stipulated. If the price is fixed, the company can only say that it is not responsible for the customer. The factors that affect the product are the welding process difficulty of the product itself, the welding quality and power, and the equipment of the automatic soldering machine.

Third, the automatic soldering machine can be made into a pipeline type?

In general, automatic soldering machines are operated by a single machine and do not need to be connected to other machines, but many customers require automated soldering machines to be combined with their production lines. In response to this problem, powerful suppliers can supply equipment and production lines. After all, the large-scale companies are all operating in the assembly line. The output value of a single equipment operation is too small and does not meet the needs of customers.

Automatic soldering machine


Fourth, how long does it take for the automated soldering machine plan to be made?

The automatic soldering machine is divided into standard equipment and non-standard equipment. The customer needs to supply the product picture of the solder. Maybe the sample will be sent to our company. The company will have the corresponding engineer supply plan. If the product is suitable for the standard equipment, the plan can generally be within 2 days. If the product is suitable for non-standard equipment, the engineer will do the fixture sample, solder power, and overall operation process for the special product. The plan can be completed in 3-4 days.

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